The best gift is connection.

Great teams are built on strong relationships. Help them disconnect to reconnect with the best conversation-sparking digital detox game.


Of global employees report feeling lonely at work. (Entrepreneur Magazine 2022, Cigna)

$406 billions

A year are paid by US companies to treat lonely employees & employee disconnection.


Of employees report close relationships with their colleagues as #1 factor to determine job satisfaction.

Connecting your people.

Supercharge your team.

Does your team feel digitally overwhelmed & unable to unplug from technology? Nowadays “Always-On-Culture” at work not only impacts our professional performance but also reduces the quality of our relationships.

Regardless of culture, age or job position, the one thing everyone across the globe really needs in order to be happy is: Meaningful relationships.

If you’re still looking for a gift for your team, stop scrolling - and start rolling the dice. Reward them with a box of meaningful connections to help them disconnect from technology and strengthen their relationships over the most wonderful time of the year. To come back supercharged from the inside out.

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The conversation sparking game that gets you off your phone and talk to real humans. We’re on a mission to help people disconnect from their screens and create deeper connections in the offline world.

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