The digital detox game.

eyeConnect is the conversation sparking question game to get you off your phone and talk to real people. For everyone who prefers real smiles over likes and true emotions over emoticons.


Unplug to supercharge! Turn off technology and win back your (social) life.


What do your relationships look like beneath the surface?

No Regret

Remember: No one ever died saying “I wish I had spent more time on my phone.”

The eyeConnect Card Game

The Game

eyeConnect is the conversation sparking game to help you disconnect from your phone and reconnect with the people around you. And yourself.

This human-to-human device contains a set of 180 conversation sparking questions in six colourful connection levels. Rolling (not scrolling) the dice determines how deeply you connect: the higher the wifi bar on the card, the deeper the level of the question and thus, the stronger the connection.

Packed with meaning and fun, this is the eye-deal game for your next date night, family dinner, team building, networking session, pandemic lockdown or selfcare Sunday.

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Digital Detox

Ever felt like you are so busy watching other people’s lives online that you miss out on your own?

Ever felt like you have hundreds of online friends ‘liking’ your dinner but no one to share it with?

Ever thought “Damn, life was just better when Apple & Blackberry were just fruits?”

We certainly do.

That’s why we are on a mission to help you bring back human connections in an overly digitized world.
We from eyeConnect believe that the world is full of interesting people with exciting stories to tell. All it takes is to put our phones down, ask better questions and actually listen.

Connect Your Team

Think outside the box and gift your team a box of meaningful connections!

Can you think of a better gift for your team than powerful relationships, wholesome laughs and meaningful connections under the Christmas tree?

Help them to disconnect to reconnect with their loved ones, strengthen their relationships and use it for your next team building session to help your team get to know each other outside of work.

We believe that happy employees make happy profits, so we set up a special corporate bundle to supercharge your team from the inside out!
Order a corporate bundle and receive up to 25% discount!

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Christian Hitzl

Founder of Digital Detox Conference

We played eyeConnect as an ice-breaker at our Digital Detox Conferecne. It was a great way to get to know others and to start a conversation freely. Easy to understand and fun to play. I highly recommend to try it out!

Ruth Vassilas


eyeConnect is the perfect game to deepen your relationship with everyone around you. You’ll get past the surface level and dive into questions that are fun, creative, interesting and substantive! This game is literally responsible for introducing me to some of my very best friends (who were strangers when the game began) and for bringing me even closer to my family, with whom I play eyeConnect every time we’re all together virtually or in person! It’s the perfect gift to get to know the people you love and strangers alike, and I’m so grateful it was brought into my life!


Owner of Sa Mesa

We used eyeConnect for a speeddating event at our Italian restaurant on Valentine's Day! Pizza, pasta & amore could not have been any more meaningfully connected than by skipping the awkward small talk and having genuine deep conversations instead.



It's truly amazing how deep you can connect with people through eyeConnect. The questions are smart and entertaining. Sometimes we spend a long time talking about just one card. I love playing it with just one person as well as in groups to get to know people much faster.

Michelle Dlouhy

Czech Republic

eyeConnect is a game changer! Every unique question sparks an hour conversation with anyone you’re with. I’ve even gotten to know my sister better, playing this game, and I thought I knew everything about her. Love skipping the small talk and making better connections accompanied by a lot of laughs! Great fun!

Pier Stein


This is a great game to bring along pretty much anywhere. We played it in our co-living & co-working space to glue the community together. If you dare to go deep, these cards should be yours.

Forrest Gump


eyeConnect is like a box of chocolates. You never know what (card) you're gonna get.



eyeConnect is the perfect game to get closer to each other. It is fun, friendly but also sincere and touching at the same time. The concept of Iconnect is great and I was actually looking for a real moment to share with friends and also just for a one-on-one for a long time, I’m happy that I discovered it!

The team





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The conversation sparking game that gets you off your phone and talk to real humans. We’re on a mission to help people disconnect from their screens and create deeper connections in the offline world.

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